Chicago Narrative

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“Hey Jake. Wake up,” Mom whispered in my ear. Even though it was 5:30 in the morning, I was still energetic and excited. How could I not be energetic? We were going to Chicago! We arrived at the airport at around 6:45 and I was still excited. Everyone kept on getting mad at me because they were tired and I wasn’t, so I was asking questions and saying, “We’re going to Chicago, we’re going to Chicago!” Once we got on the plane though, I was the tired one. I was asleep for most of the plane ride. We arrived in Chicago after a two hour plane ride and we went straight to our hotel. We then walked around for a little and then we went to our favorite restaurant in Chicago called Portillo’s. We all got Italian Beef sandwiches except for my older sister Zoe, who doesn’t like meat. They were delicious! After lunch, we walked around the city a little more, which is what we usually do on vacations in Chicago. We went on a boat ride on Lake Michigan and they showed us architecture in Chicago, which is always interesting.…show more content…
First, we checked out my Uncle’s new house. It was a big, white house with a big backyard. They had a very cute dog who loved me! I made a new friend that day. Then, we all went to my Aunt’s house with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and some of my mom’s friends from high school and college. The second I walked into their backyard, the smell of hotdogs and sausage hit me like a bullet. Everyone greeted me with hugs and smiles. There was a pool and a cute little dog named Zeus who was sleeping on the deck and snoring. I swam for a little and then I talked to all of my relatives that were there. The food was absolutely amazing! I had a bunch of hot dogs and sausages with salad and pasta salad. For dessert there was yummy chocolate cheesecake with strawberries that my aunt made, which was even more delicious than the main
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