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When I first watched Chicago at the movie theater, I was not fully satisfied. I wanted more, so I went back to get some and watched it six more times with different friends and family members! Last summer during a visit to my native Mexico City, I had the opportunity to watch drag queens perform several numbers from the movie-musical. They did an amazing job, without surpassing the outstanding performances of the actors in the film. Last year, I visited NYC for the first time and indulged in the rows of the Ambassador theatre experiencing Chicago, the Broadway musical, and because I had seen the movie many times before, I knew all the songs and dances by heart. I loved it, but it was actually the movie that influenced me to
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The most notorious that comes to mind are: Selena, Tonya Harding clubbing Nancy Kerrigan, O.J. Simpson's murder trial and the Lewinsky scandal; such scandals build the framework for audiences to enjoy Chicago as a critique of America’s penal system in relation to fame. The main scandal in the movie starts as Roxie shots her lover after discovering that he had lied to her about working to further her singing career. Velma eliminates her husband and sister after finding them together in bed. Billy Flynn, a slick lawyer who has never lost a case represents both women. His approach is to set up his clients as media darlings, then use that exposure to swing the trial in their favor. "In this town, murder's a form of entertainment," he comments. He refers to courtrooms as "three ring circuses" and assures Roxie that justice can be blinded by the "razzle dazzle" he will employ. Aside from sheer entertainment, the plot in Chicago also provides a social critique for the criminal justice system and celebrity “status quo”. It shines a light on matters like murder, justice, and Hollywood. After watching the movie, the audience can expect to be left feeling like a great musical orgy has just taken place in front of their eyes and with something more meaningful to think about, the social critique of America.
The superb acting in Chicago made the movie a truly extraordinary production. With an award-winning cast,

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