Chicago Public Schools Are The Fourth Largest District

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Chicago Public Schools are the fourth largest district in the U.S and one of the lowest performing in the U.S. The school system in Chicago is struggling not only with student performance, but also with the large amount of debt the school has and the fight to come to an agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union. In earlier years of 2008 through 2013, student performance was below national average. Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah author of “CPS test scores show gains in the grades 2 through 8” explains that student performance was measured with the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT); although, the school district has recently adapted a new management by objective of Northwest Evaluation Association NWEA. Ahmed writes that after transferring to this new assessment there have been improvements in the test score. For the school year of 2013-2014 51.5 percent of students were above the national average compared to a year before where only 45.8 were in reading. In math the students improved by 3.3 percent at 48.6 percent. The problem is not every one is showing improvement. After the closing of dozens of underperforming schools in order to cut back costs in 2008, students who were placed into new schools actually tested 3.3 percent less in math according to Ahmed. The ISAT assessment which is mandated by state and federal law showed CPS test scores had dropped. School officials said the ISAT scored could not be compared to the NWEA assessment because it would be “comparing apples
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