Chicago State University's Online Application Process

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Memorandum DATE: March 11, 2013 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Applying online to CSU In response to your questions about the application process for CSU, I have detailed the steps below. As we discussed, you may share this memo with any interested employees. Go to Chicago State University's website at Click on Admissions in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. RESULT: A drop-down menu will provide options for admissions type. Under the selected admissions type, choose apply online. Verify eligibility to apply online by ensuring one of the four criteria is met under the section that begins, "The only types of applicants we are currently accepting..." RESULT: User will have access to a screen that leads to the online application. Under the heading appropriate admissions type, choose apply online. First time users must create an account using the link at the bottom of the Certification page. Select application type from the drop-down menu. Complete application by typing the information requested. A checkmark will appear after data is entered correctly in a section. After entering all data, print and sign the Signature Page. The page must be printed before it is submitted. Submit the application by clicking on application is complete. Mail the Signature Page with a check or money order for $25.00 payable to Chicago State University: Office of Admissions 9501 S. King Drive Chicago, Illinois 60628-1598 The application process is complete. To

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