Chicago Style Pizza In The Chzech Republic Essay

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Introduction Steve Kafka is an American born citizen of Czech origin and a franchisor for Chicago Style Pizza. Steve has decided to open a franchise in the Czech Republic, a place where he has family and friends. Steve has visited the Czech Republic several times and speaks the language very fluently. Even though he has some basic knowledge about the Czech Republic, he still anticipates some difficulties at the new location in Prague. He knows his decision is not without risk but is ready to meet the challenge. Steve will have to conduct a great deal of research in order to succeed. This paper will cover some of the major cultural differences between the United States and Czech Republic and the risks associated with these…show more content…
Czechs value education, cleverness, social standing, modesty and humor. Czechs are considered to be individualistic and may be stubborn when it comes to stating opinions or wishes. They emphasizes conformity and cooperation and hold community leaders in high esteem. To show respect Czechs use a person’s title and last name. Maintaining eye contact is also important to Czechs when in conversation. When it comes to eating habits, Czechs eat three meals a day and on Sundays the main meal is lunch with just a snack for dinner. Plates are usually prepared in the kitchen and brought to the table, serving the head of the household first unless guests are present. Conversation is limited unless the head of the household speaks or guests are present. Czechs generally do not dine out often and during the day they eat at work. Foods like hot dogs and pizza are considered to be snacks and are quite popular on street corners and sidewalks. Steve will face some major difficulties in opening a successful pizza franchise in the Czech Republic do to eating habits and the fact that pizza is considered a snack food. The fact that most business don’t stay open late and that Czechs don’t dine out much increases the risks involved. Choosing Prague for the location however, offers some advantages that will be needed. Prague is the capital city with a significant international

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