Chicago Torture Video : 4 Changes With Hate Crimes, Kidnapping

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The current event is “Chicago Torture Video: 4 Changes with Hate Crimes, Kidnapping” by CNN. The event is about the four young people who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man on the 6th of January 2017. The suspects included two girls named Brittany Covington- age 18, Tanishia Covington- age 24, and two men- Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill both 18 years of age. The defendants faced questions on the same issue about the video that the defendants streamed on some social sites like Facebook. The incidence happened in Chicago, Il. It is alleged that the kidnappers are said to have taken the culprit into captive and abused him both physically and mentally. In the video, one of the kidnappers is heard making comments on how he hated…show more content…
From the social construction perspective, society has already inbuilt ideas about crimes and other informalities. Lenski (2013) asserts that social construction is the way a society gives certain people or a group privilege. Those who assess the kidnapping incident based on the idea that it involved people from a minority group, discriminates the minority group since they base it on race. For example, if whites believed that since the accused are African-Americans, they might be members of the movement of Black Lives Matter (Yan, Jones, & Almasy, 2016). People from different parts of the world presume the same; thus they perceive African-Americans as antisocial. Although the Black Lives Matter movement tried to oppose the allegations, it appeared other races intimidated them. Thus, the blacks found it difficult to defend themselves in the midst of this confusion. Due to this stalemate and social construction, the media tried to reach the movement to get it right and inform the public of the correct information about the event. Accurate broadcasting (or lack of media broadcasting) can help eliminate doubts in the minds of people, hence reducing discrimination (or protesting or rioting) in public areas. The fact that some blacks might have been found in other similar criminal activities like the one reported by CNN, it was wrong to continue to portray the negative attitude. What many
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