Chicago Weiner Circle Case Study

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If you haven't heard, the Chicago Weiner Circle is one of the most controversial and popular restaurants in Chicago. The Chicago’s Weiner Circle concept of talking back to customers was created by accident. In the early 1990’s a co-owner, Larry Gold, at Chicago's Weiner Circle said ***hole, to a drunk customer, to get his attention. This aggressive language instantly became a hit with customers. Both the customers and the workers would use vulgar language. Because of this extremely hostile environment, The Weiner Circle has been featured on many tv shows, such as The Conan Show, Extreme Fast Food, Insomniac with Dave Atell on Comedy Central,and much more. The restaurant even had it’s own reality tv show in 2012 called, The Weiner Circle. In…show more content…
I tried to ignore all the noises and focus on the food. Me and my friend, Veena, went to sit down on this rusty red bench table, the benches clearly haven't changed since the restaurant opened. Above us is a poster advertised their new Trump Dog, it said “ TRUMP FOOTLONGS MAKE WEINERS GREAT AGAIN”. I turned to Veena to show her, and we both started laughing and looking down at our 3-inch trump dogs. Veena and I sat next to this man in his mid 30’s. He had scruff around his face, he was wearing this oversized dark blue plain t-shirt. But even with the oversized t-shirt, you can clearly see his big pot belly. He was about halfway through eating his first chard dog, the way he was looking at the chardog looked like they were Romeo and Juliet. His eyes never left the chardog slowly devouring it bite by bite. Pretty soon he had finished the whole thing. There was a look in his eyes, a look of desperation. He was yearning to get that same indulgence that he had a moment ago. He quickly got another chardog from his pile, it seemed like that chardogs were waiting for him to scarf them down. Just like those chardogs, America can never get enough of anything. We are spoiled, and we think the world has enough resources to feed our desires. According to About News, In 2015, America traded “ $2.23 trillion in exports and $2.76 trillion in imports of both goods and services”. America is one of…show more content…
I realised that I had zoned out for about a minute thinking about this issue. I looked to Veena and we both laughed, she knew that this happened to me all the time. We were both starving now, I looked down at our chardogs. The hot dog was so browned and crispy you could barely see that red meat anymore. The buns were so perfectly rounded, and what seemed like perfectly placed sesame seeds all around the buns. The chardog was so overflowed with toppings. There were pickles, tomatoes and green onions, all perfectly drizzled with mustard. I could hear the pickle’s loud snap as I bit into the chardog. I quickly realised that I was halfway done with the hot dog. I regretted my decision to get the 3 inch Trump Dog. As soon as I had my first bite, I had to have more. I asked my friend Veena, what she thought of the food. She replied, “It’s really good, but I wouldn't drive down here just for these hot dogs”. I agree, although the chardogs are good, they aren't worth the 45 minute drive down into the city. Also, there are so many other places near us that have hot dogs or chardogs, like
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