Chicago World's Fair Research Paper

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Throughout this entire project I have gathered a lot of information on the Woman's Building of the Chicago World’s Fair. The time period of when this event took place had a huge influence over why the social changes were so accepted. Chicago, for instance, wanted better representation of their city and were willing to accept more modern ideas to be considered one of the elite. At the time Chicago was seen as a dirty city and unable to cultivate a fair of the architects dreams. If they could prove that Chicago was capable of such progress, than every other city could do the same. For women this meant an opportunity to demonstrate to people why their roles should be expanded from just the standard role of a housewife. The Woman’s Building was designed by women for women but also had an important role in changing the…show more content…
Women from around the country flocked to the fair and many were at the mercy of those who knew Chicago well and would take advantage of their naïvety. This I think shows kind of a downside to progress in that sometimes it changes society in ways we don’t expect or intend them to. There is an importance to a follow-through in that change is not simply made with one significant event but a current of continuous effort put towards that change. I believe this event and several others are the things people think of when topics like feminism come up. The ideas of being taken advantage of by not knowing something are still a very real fear most women feel and there is still not a complete connection between man and woman where both are treated equally. Women have been playing catch up with hundreds of years of prejudice weighing them down. There has been a lot of progress from 1893, but there still needs to be improvements and effort is needed in order to see that change come to
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