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Chicano Art
Chicano Art and Indigenismo
Artworks have played an indelible work to the lives of humanity. The creative nature in Artists is a complex matter to define. The uncertainties in the intrinsic nature in art lay difficult aspects that can only be answered by values, themes and skills depicted in an artist artwork. Apart from playing the intricate psychological effect on humans, the artworks have been used as a tool of expression that has been revered and uniquely preserved for future generation. Among some of the most revered modern forms of artwork has included Chicano Art that had a core relationship to Las Carpas, Indigenismo, rascuachismo and other forms of performance art.
Indigenismo or Indianism was a political
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The artwork fuses on the interest to the abstraction of the Tarascan symbology by painting a pre Columbian totem that emerged from the background of flat planes. The painting which is oil on canvas and forty by thirty carefully blends the colors that show a perfect depiction of the Jean trying to link to his distant past by borrowing designs and ideas from the ancient cultures that existed in Mexico.
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The Chicano art movement rose during the civil rights era was based on three goals that included restoral of land, education reforms rights for farm workers. The three goals followed by the Chicano Art artists had long been coming. One of the first goals included rights for farm workers. Arguably, the Mexicans Americans fight to secure unionization for the farm workers was one of the key goals of the Chicano art. In order to Sway the grape farmers, Cesar Chavez launched a national boycott that aimed at the American Farm
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