Chicano Essay Definition

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The word Chicano involves more than just a cultural identification. There has been a continuity of a discussion of its origins, it meanings, its purpose and its affirmations throughout generations. Through oral history, scattered essays, Chicano studies courses and personal relationships, I have evolved my usage of the word Chicano, as many in history have. Through experience I have learned that social, geographical and economical elements have twisted and turned the meaning according to the moral judgments of the class or national origin. I will utilize my knowledge and life experience as a Chicana to the word Chicano. I did this to illustrate the assignment's topic, in that outside factors have a significant effect on the usage and…show more content…
Chicanos felt that as a nation, the history has had some significant Chicano influence that also needed to be recognized and taught within our school system. They also felt that the institutions that let this country function like law enforcement, government and education, were set up to systematically work against the Chicano. This was their way to identify themselves with the struggle against such entities. My grandfather first told me a story about the origins of the word Chicano with the prime intent on steering me away from using the word to identify myself. He said to me that Mexicans joke about the history of the word Chicano through this story. In Mexico, there has existed for long time a small population of Asian descent, primarily from Japanese decent. In Spanish, the word for pig is Cochinitos, and after time the word became shortened, and Mexican farmers started to use the name chinito to refer to a pig. Chinito is also used to refer to people of Asian ancestry, primarily rooting from the term Chinamen which is Chino. Adding the "-into" at the end of Chino is slang to reference to something smaller than the original noun. Naturally the Asian-Mexican farmers became very offended by the connotation that their race was pig like. It is said that a Chinito refuted the Mexican slang term by calling his pigs Chicano which is a variation of the indigenous term Mexicano. After hearing this story my grandfather reaffirmed a point that was trying to be
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