Chicano Men : A Cartography Of Homosexual Identity And Behavior

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Professor Gutierrez Course 15752 22 October 2015 Chicano Men: A Cartography of Homosexual Identity and Behavior Chicano men identify their sexual identity and sexual orientation based on what is more important to them: To identify as Chicano gay or as a gay Chicano? Chicano gay men emphasize on ethnicity while Chicano Gay men identify with their orientation. The primary difference between a Chicano gay man and a European-American gay man is how they define homosexuality. In the United States, homosexuality is defined as “the biological sex of the person toward whom sexual activity is directed.” (Almaguer 257). A man who is physically involved in sexual relations with another man automatically gets his identity questioned. In contrast, a Mexican man will define homosexuality as “the act one wants to perform with another person (of either biological sex).” Mexican/Latin-American has a sexual system that focuses primarily in passive and aggressive. Primarily, there is very little to no research done on Chicano homosexuality. This is not to say that Chicano gay men don’t exist but most research that has been done is autobiographical. Since Chicano and Mexican population share many cultural patterns, we turn our attention to Mexican homosexuality and infer that Chicano homosexuality will also share many patterns as well. Chicana lesbianism has been documented more often and both are similar in which both sexual deviances face the same challenges when facing their families.

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