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Chick-Fil-A Case Study Marketing Principles 3/11/2011 Jamie Roof I very much enjoyed listening to this video case. I had no idea what Chick-Fil-A came from and why it is so good. The only time I have come across the restaurant is when I am shopping. I tend not to eat when I shop so my experience with this company is very minimal. It is very good from what I remember. I am a big foodie and love trying new things. It is very refreshing to see a restaurant start off the way it did with hard work and dedication and then seeing what it has become many years later. I also think it is wonderful to see the founding family still involved in present operations. The entire campaign for Chick-Fil-A gives me a chuckle every time I come across…show more content…
I worked in a restaurant for many years and I always had to work Sundays and it was my least favorite day to work. When I hit the real world, Saturday’s and Sunday’s were days off. I could stand working Saturday’s if needed, but there is just something great about spending a Sunday at home with your family. 4. Should other retailers consider closing on Sunday? Why? Why not? I do think other retailers should consider it. I know there a lot of people that shop or go out to eat on Sunday’s because it is a day they do not have to worry about much, but what about the employees behind the counter? They may have other days off during the week, but it does not feel the same and the pivotal Sunday. On the other hand, stores closing on Sunday’s would be tough for a lot of consumers and retailers could miss out on revenue
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