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Executive Summary.
This case analysis evaluates Chick-fil-A. It is designed to show the Strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. It delineates how the founding principles have guided the company over the years, and how it has responded slowly to change over the years. CFA has grown to be a force to reckon with in the industry with strength in customer experience and sandwich trademark. However, the emerging markets, social changes, economic issues and intense rivalry will continue to pose threat to this strong cultured company. At the end of the case analysis, we would have been able to
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He demanded enduring loyalty among customers and customers. CFA’s customers spans through the entire population spectrum, however, it focuses on family. The high expectations by CFA are obviously because of the need to preserve the founding heritage and culture. As CFA strives to be the best “quick-service restaurant”, key external factors affect CFA. Demographics is a major threat, this includes race, age and gender. CFA is family oriented and believes in marriage, but a comment he made on this issue earned him a bad publicity. However, that created an opportunity in the Christian community. Despite the harm of this factor, revenue went up same year. His adherence to his principles proved to people that CFA would not downplay its core values. Another threat are rivalry and intense competitors. The industry is a 120 million dollar industry with about 50 percent offering the hamburger entrees. ( 2008). Some of these competitors are KFC, Subway, Burger King, McDonalds and Taco Bell. New entrants is a threat to CFA, example is Oporto who just made its way into the United States. There is also the threat from substitutes. Since Sundays are off days for CFA, customers will like to look for substitutes, and if rivals provided them, this might affect CFA. Example of substitute from rival is McDonalds southern chicken sandwich which in fact can come with biscuit and pickles in the morning. The crave for

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