Chick Fila Marketing Plan

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According to research, in 2005, Chick-fil-A reported sales of more than $1.975 billion. It is documented that the company had 38 years of consecutive sales increase. The award winning company has been selected 11 times for the “Choice in Chains” Customer Satisfaction award. How Mr. Cathy accomplished this great feat is the task this paper is charged to unveil. Chick fil-A is already doing what it does best, “maintaining a quality product and consistently looking for ways to improve its current menu.” However, working on menu items that are more health friendly would increase sales significantly, now that Americans are becoming more health cautious. By combing great taste with healthy food, Chick fil-A is sure to increase its
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In the area of employee welfare Chick fil-A started a Leadership Scholarship Program which offers employees a $1000 scholarship to the school of their choice. Thereby encourage employees to continue their education. It is noted that since the program’s inception in 1973, more than twenty million dollars in scholarships have been awarded (Press release, 2005).
In the area of social responsibility this company goes above and beyond the normal protocol of community outreach. The WinShape Centre Foundation is its biggest contribution to social responsibility. This program has a summer camp for children, joint scholarships at Berry College, 12 foster homes and a new marriage-enhancement retreat started in 2003. All of these qualities have made Chick fil-A successful in several different ways, by not focusing on profits, the company has managed to bring in increased sales for 38 consecutive years. (Press release, 2005).
Financial Goals
Increased sale for 38 years straight says it all. In 2005, it is documented that sales reached $1.975 billion which was an increase of 13.10 percent from the previous year. When a company set its financial goals, it takes several different things into consideration. It can be hard to project future sales, on average at best a firm would like to see an increase of 3-7 percent, 13.10 is a

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