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I. Introduction II. Statement of the Problem Based on the case, two problems were formulated? 1. How will defects be measured and what quality tools will be used? 2. What should Ana recommend to the manager after knowing the results? III. Objectives * To determine the most numbered defect and the most defective product line with the use of quality tools * To address the solution to the manager IV. Areas of Consideration Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner A. Aesthetics * This dimension of quality characterized the appearance, smell, and taste of the product. As the group assessed the Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner, it showed that problems on aesthetics would be on unacceptable taste of the product and spilled…show more content…
3. Some of the causes of the problem concerns people. The manager is suggested to develop programs and activities that would motivate the workers in doing their work. Also, it is highly suggested that the manager should create a group or a team of well trained workers in every processing section along with machines, if there’s any to assure efficiency. At the end of each section utmost two supervisors having a thorough inspection of the products. 4. Environmental and operational causes are considered to be interrelated in causing the defects. The issue about cleanliness and sanitation like mandatory wearing of proper attire and proper handling of raw materials are the things the manager should consider. Another thing could be proper management of inventory. Stocks should be done vis-a- vis demand of the customer to limit the amount of raw materials to be stocked to be consistent in

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