Chicken-Hips by Cathetine Piggot Essay

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Influence is powerful in determining one’s future. Actions behaviors and opinions are all connected to impact of others and the way they shape our views on the world as well as ourselves. Self-Image is dependent on the acceptance of others, thus always changing since one’s morals and ethics do not stay the same as time goes on. Influence of others play a role on how one tends to view themselves and people around them, by either being forced to conform to a country’s lifestyle, completing constant tasks to keep up with society’s demands, or being able to be content with oneself rather than being blinded of the onslaught of constant expectations. When living in a country, we are pressured to become accustomed to what is considered…show more content…
In her mind she believes that the youthful body has a time limit on it and when it expires you are left with your unique body. Even though she does not feel connected to Canada’s beauty ideals, when she comes back, she still continues to pursue the “dream.” She believes that her freedom was temporary, while she was in Africa, because now she is back home, “where fat is feared and despised.” The character was only content while she was in Africa because she accepted her body as it was and was praised for her beauty, her true beauty. In the article, Progress, the author expresses that E-mail, “contributes to the haste, the thoughtlessness, and the artificial urgency that increasingly characterize our world. His negative view of E-mail is alike the main characters view on body-image in Canada from the short story, Chicken-Hips. “ I sensed that even the loveliest among them felt they were somehow flawed,” reflects on how the main character believes that the women in the gym room were thoughtless, foolish and almost blinded. In the article progress, the author stresses that “Perhaps we each must think about what is truly important in our lives and decide which technologies to accept and which to resist.” Even though he is talking

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