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fungiperfecti — chicken of the woods - turkey tail
Please attach (as a word-processing document) a statement of your general academic and professional plans. Describe in approximately 500 words your main academic interests, why you wish to study for the degree you 've chosen, why you wish to study at Syracuse University, how you expect to finance your studies, and your plans for the future after you receive your degree.
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I am submitting to Syracuse University’s School of Education for full-time enrollment in the Ph.D. program for Counselor Education and Supervision. I pursue this degree in the spirit of Syracuse University’s philosophy of “living excellence,” a concept I fully embrace. My version of this philosophy is to live by the Greek word arete, meaning being for the highest moral virtue. Applied to my careers in education and mental health, living with excellence and arete means embodying equanimity and clear mindedness to work for the betterment of humanity. My doctoral application is the next step in the pursuit of embodying these philosophies, which I began to during my Master’s program at SUNY Oswego. There, I found kinship with my professors, sharing in our quests for lifelong learning, humanistic activism, and forwarding knowledge through research and teaching. Now, I look to continue this journey with a commitment to Syracuse University.
Syracuse is my choice for Ph.D. study because of the philosophies that drive the program. My pursuit of…

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