Chicken Pox

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Chicken Pox - Epidemiology Paper
Brett Birkeland
Grand Canyon University


July 29, 2015

Chicken Pox - Epidemiology Paper
In this paper, the nurse author will discuss the communicable disease called Varicella, also known as chicken pox. The nurse author will discuss the causes, symptoms, and mode of transmission, complications, and treatment, as well as mortality, morbidity, incidence, and prevalence of the disease. The determinants of health will be described, and the factors that add to the progression of the disease. The epidemiologic triangle, as it relates to Varicella, will be examined, including host factors, absence or presence of agent factors, along with environmental influences. The role of the
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Re-exposure to the Varicella-zoster virus via close contact with individuals with the disease has been proposed to boost specific immunity, therefore reducing the risk of contracting chicken pox. In contrast, however, this may have lead to a higher incidence of shingles in older adults. The shingles immunization is now recommended for people sixty years and older to offset contracting the shingles virus. (Chavez, Santibanez, Gargiullo, & Guris, 2007) Chickenpox is seasonal infectious disease, and usually has an uptick of incidence in the late winter and early spring. For the most part, chicken pox is a childhood disease, accounting for greater than 90% of incidences occurring in kids less than ten years of age. It is typically nonthreatening in a healthy child, with a morbidity in immune-compromised patients and adults.
The agent factor is the presence of the virus, Varicella zoster, in the epidemiologic triangle. The host factor would include mostly children less than fifteen years of age, but anyone who has not had chickenpox would be vulnerable to contract the disease. In most cases, a person usually only has one occurrence of chickenpox in their lifetime. After having chickenpox, however, the virus lies dormant in nerve tissue the brain and spinal cord, and may come back as shingles

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