Chicken Run media essay

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Chicken Run media essay

Wallace and Gromit eat your heart out there’s a new chick in town! Chicken Run, directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park is a sensational clay animation. A new piece of cinematic excellence to be added the title ‘a classic’, with its side-splitting humour, astounding action and stunning stop motion Chicken Run is a film well worth watching. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Enough about how good the film is; what is it about?

Chicken Run is an all round great film for all the family. Ever wondered what chickens dream about? More chicken feed? A bigger coop? Not in the case of head chicken Ginger; all she wishes for is freedom for all the chickens at Tweedy’s
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This gives a valiant quality to the film and makes the audience feel good, too! The moment the titles have finished, the music descends from a triumphant melody into eerie gloomy drone. Combined with the music we are shown a crisp low angle shot of a full moon surrounded by darkness. Gradually the camera zooms in from the sky and we see an insert shot of the barbed wire fence giving us an impression of imprisonment. This is followed by an establishing shot of Mr. Tweedy and his dog. In his hand he is holding a torch and patrolling the area, as they walk towards us we can hear the ‘pitter-patter’ of the dog’s feet. Followed by, an extreme close up of an ancient rusted padlock (obviously keeping the fence locked). We are further focused on this as Mr. Tweedy shines his torch onto the padlock and checks it is securely locked, as he drops the lock we hear the ‘clank’ noise it makes as it hits the fence. The focus on the lock reinforces the theme of imprisonment given previously from the barbed wire. It is also an important element to the film as the audience has to believe that it is evil to keep chickens locked up. The music has maintained its ominous characteristics. All these presentational techniques have been used to create the idea that something important is imprisoned inside the fence; thus
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