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Individual Assignment NAME: ID#: Course Name: Course Code: Instructor's Name: Dr. Due Date: Sunday - 11th March, 2013 Assignment Topic: Chicken of the Sea Inc. Case Study 1. Discuss the consumer decision making process for a product such as canned/packaged tuna and the response hierarchy model this is most likely to be applicable in the purchase of this product. The reason that has caused the shifting or rather the movement from advertising media, has caused decision making process to alter drastically. Consumers were more habituated towards noticing their personal icons when media advertising was intensified with the accompanying StarKist and Chicken of the Sea Inc. Customers displayed loyalty towards a set brand and this…show more content…
Distributing its contact over several intermediaries is an indication that an incorporated advancement is being employed. The firm isn't dependent on a single way of contact towards its objected market, and they have recognized the achievements that can be finished via other structures of selling. Through a more attentive incorporated marketing connections strategy in position, Chicken of the Sea Inc. might recover the brand name trustworthiness it apprehended for many years via its trendy mermaid symbol. 3. Discuss how Chicken of the Sea’s marketing personnel and advertising agency might evaluate the appropriateness of using Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company and whether she is a good fit for the brand. Employing Jessica Simpson as a representative or spokes person was a very striking choice during the year 2003. The Chicken of the Sea Inc. staff could effortlessly perceive that Jessica was a celebrity on demand with remarkable recognition. With a spokesperson they would cover a celebrity with a renown familiar names of that time. The firm needs to asses more than the requirement of popularity and fame, nonetheless, and must regard what representation Jessica would provide to the Chicken of the Sea Inc brand. The promotions and advertising community must set up what representation they will display to the aimed audience and who could better suggest that meaning to customers. Attention can

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