Chicken of the Sea Case Study

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Chicken of the Sea International: The Jessica Simpson Spokesperson Decision

1. Consumers go through a low-involving decision making process when purchasing a canned tuna. Initially, consumers recognize their problem in needing or wanting canned tunas, through the new products that are in the tuna market—like the tuna salad kit—or when the product is out of stock at home. However, it all depends upon how consumers’ perceive a problem and the motivation to solve their need or want. For a canned tuna, it will most likely follow the physiological need within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The product responds to the primary need of hunger, a basic need that needs to be satisfied. Consumers then search for information in regards to the
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They also have to consider their consumers’ perceptions and attitudes, lifestyles, and criteria for making purchase decisions. Thus, these internal and external deciding factors will help COSI and its advertising agency to determine whether or not Jessica Simpson is appropriate as a spokesperson for the company and a fitting image of the brand.

4. COSI needs to assess the pros and cons of Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company to determine if she is beneficial as a spokesperson for the company. The company have already benefited from Simpson in the beginning without any endorsements. The publicity of her using COSI canned tuna in Newlyweds showed her testimonial about whether COSI was either chicken or tuna. Simpson’s confusion is the intention of COSI’s trademark and brand name; they wanted to use it as a way to describe the taste of its tuna to their consumers. Additionally, Simpson’s incident with COSI’s tuna led more exposure of their brand in the entertainment industry. This exposure could expand to her music videos, TV shows in which she is a guest star, and movies. These types of exposure would benefit COSI because Simpson is increasingly popular. Her endorsement may increase brand equity to a younger audience and market, which may help COSI’s growth objectives and increase its sales. However, as Simpson gets increasingly popular, the cost of her endorsement would increase as well. COSI may question if they could afford her. Additionally, COSI will
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