Chicken of the Sea International the Jessica Simpson Spokesperson Decision

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Jonnie-Lynn Massingale
Week 2 Case Study
Chicken of the Sea International (COSI): The Jessica Simpson Spokesperson Decision
March 27, 2016 1. Discuss the consumer decision making process for a product such as canned/packaged tuna and the response hierarchy model this is most likely to be applicable in the purchase of this product. Due to the modification away from media advertising, the decision making process has changed significantly. When media advertising was substantial with COSI and StarKist, consumers had become familiar to seeing the ads and their individual icons. Consumers were very loyal to a specific brand and the loyalty grew out of the familiar icons. Now that the focus has changed to mainly print ads,
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Using Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson was a very attractive option in 2003. The COSI personnel could easily see that Jessica was a star on the rise with a great amount of popularity. As a spokesperson they would have a star with one of the most recognizable names in the business during that time. The company needs to analyze more than popularity, however, and should consider what image Jessica would send to the consumer about their brand. The marketing and advertising people need to establish what image they seek to present to the target market and which spokesperson would best represent this message. Having a popular star showing off canned tuna brings attention to the brand, but the problem is whether that attention would get associated with Jessica or the company itself. They should consider the possibility that Jessica would cast a shadow over the products she is promoting. Also, the personality of Jessica should be analyzed. Though she would have been popular during this time, she was also seen as ditzy and could cause a negative view from the consumer of the brand. The key is finding the right fit for the brand; Jessica Simpson could be a good fit, or she could cause a bad image. 4. Discuss the pros/cons of Chicken of the Sea International hiring Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company. Can the company afford to hire her and spend the money

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