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Have you ever had chickenpox? If so, you probably had red, itchy bumps, and a fever. Whether you have had chickenpox or not, I will explain to you everything you need to know about this common childhood illness.
What is Chickenpox? Varicella or as you might know it as chickenpox is a virus which causes red, itchy blisters which spread all over your body. Chickenpox is most common in children. In Fact, it was considered a childhood rite of passage because it was so common according to Chickenpox is very rare to get twice. In the 1990’s chickenpox cases have declined due to the vaccine. The chickenpox virus will be in your body 21 days before you have any symptoms, and you are contagious to others 48 hours
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First, you develop reddish pink bumps all over your body. Then, the bumps become blisters and fluid can come out of them. Last, the bumps will crust, scab over and then heal. The bumps don’t all go through the same phases at the same time. While some of the bumps are healing more could appear the key is to not itch no matter how itchy the rash gets.
If you notice a unexplainable rash developing on your skin you should contact a doctor. Chickenpox are diagnosed by physically seeing the red, itchy bumps on your skin. If you or your child has itchy, red bumps along with a fever or headache you should contact a doctor. Your doctor can give you a diagnosis along with treatment and medication.

Treatment Antibiotics cannot cure chickenpox. However, if the blisters get infected antibiotics could be used to stop infection. People who could be at risk of complications from chickenpox can be prescribed antiviral medicine. This medicine will not get rid of the chickenpox it will just help your immune system recover sooner. Antihistamines can be prescribed to help with the itchy. If you are infected you should stay home and rest. The disease will eventually leave your system. Taking warm baths, use unscented lotion, and wear soft clothing can relieve itching. After taking a bath dap your body dry instead of rubbing. Don’t use aspirin when dealing with chickenpox. Mixing chickenpox and aspirin can give you Reye syndrome. Reye syndrome can give you liver failure or

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