Chickenpox Essay

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Chickenpox is a well-known disease that spreads among children. People perceive it as a mild infection with little effects on health. Although this is true when it affects healthy children, adults may face serious health issue when they acquire it. varicella-zoster can also reactivate in in adults and cause shingles. Fortunately, varicella-zoster vaccines have been made to immune people from the disease and consequently lower the rate of outbreaks and other serious complications. The purpose of this paper is to inform the public about the Varicella-Zoster virus, the two diseases it causes, the varicella vaccine, and how it has lowered the rate of the disease.
Varicella-zoster virus is a highly infectious herpesvirus that
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In those cases, they can develop respiratory problems like pneumonitis, skin infections, hemorrhagic complications (bleeding), and persisting fevers.6 (include recovery of children vs adults and you’re done with this paragraph)
While a person who has had chickenpox can’t have the disease again, the latent varicella-zoster virus can reactivate and cause shingles. While the reason behind its reactivation is unknown, older and immunocompromised individuals are more prone to the disease as their immune system is weakened.3,4 The symptoms of shingles start off with pain, burning, and tingling. After that, rashes and blisters similar to the ones of chickenpox appear. The only difference is that the rash tends to affect certain areas of one side of the body as a stripe that wraps around the torso4, and the pain persists for more than 3 months after the rash heals 3. Some people may experience fever, migraines, and fatigue. Furthermore, some complications can occur with shingles like prolonged pain in the skin, vision loss, skin infections and other neurological problems.4 (maybe talk about treatment)
Varicella vaccine
Vaccines are strains of weakened viruses that are made to give immunity from infections and prevent the person from
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