Chickenpox and Its Epidemiology

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Chickenpox and its Epidemiology

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Concepts in Community and Public Health Nursing
NRS 427V

February 20, 2014
Chickenpox and its Epidemiology
Chickenpox is a viral infection caused by the Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) transmitted via the respiratory route that causes itchy, blisters-like rashes usually lasting about 5-10 days. It is highly contagious transmitted by person to person contact (direct) from respiratory secretions or indirectly through contact with airborne respiratory droplets, via soiled inanimate objects infected by discharge from skin lesions, vesicle discharges or nasopharyngeal secretions. The incubation period lasts about 10-21 days and the disease is communicable 1-2 days
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This contributes to the development of chicken pox in individuals who don’t have health insurance or is an illegal immigrant, they will be less likely to participate in primary prevention and more likely to delay obtaining medical treatment. Some barriers to health services that contributes to the development of the disease includes high cost, lack of availability or in the case of vaccine shortage mostly seen in developing countries and limited language access. These barriers can cause unmet health needs and inability to receive preventative services. Individual behavior as a determinant of health plays a major role in health outcomes. Individual behavior consists of diet, physical activity, hand washing and compliance with vaccine preventable diseases. This factor contributes to the development of chickenpox when individuals refused be vaccinated and do not have natural immunity against the disease. Therefore in an epidemic of chickenpox these individuals have a higher risk of contracting the disease. Biological and genetic factors affects specific populations more than others. An example of a genetic determinant of health is Sickle Cell Disease which is a condition characterized by the offspring inheriting the disease because both parents carry the sickle cell gene. In the case of chickenpox there is no biological or genetic factors that contributes to a person developing the disease as
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