Chief Executive Officer For Nissan Motor Corporation

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Carlos Ghosn is the current President and Chief Executive Officer for Nissan Motor Corporation. He was hired into Nissan in 1999 as their chief Operating Officer and was appointed CEO in June 2001. Ghosn became the Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance in 2005. He is, “the first person to run two global Fortune 500 companies simultaneously.” (Carlos Ghosn President and Chief Executive Officer Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, 2016) He graduated with an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechique in 1974 and started his career in 1981 as a Plant manager for Le Puy Plant in Franc. He was the head of Research and Development for industrial tires in 1984. In 1990 he became the Chairman and chief executive officer for Michelin North America. Before he joined the team at Nissan he was the Executive Vice President of Renault from 1996 to 1999. Diversity management has become necessary to survive in today’s business world. Diversity management is, “an organizational commitment and integration approach that moves beyond compliance with legal requirements and statements that simply express the organization’s claims to value diversity.” (Canas & Sondak, 2014) Ghosn has a passion to manage diversity. His passion to ensure that people of all cultures, ages, gender, and background are treated equally. His passion stems back to his mother; she came from a large family. She was smart and wanted to attend college, however her mother told her that they cannot afford to send her to college.
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