Chief Executive : The President Of The United States Forest Service

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Chief Executive: As a chief executive the president has the power to Enforce laws, act as administrator of the federal bureaucracy, issue executive orders, and appoint and remove judges and other high ranking officials in the government. The first person to go was Chief of the United States Forest Service,Gifford Pinchot, due to a scandal involving U.S. Secretary of Interior, Richard Ballinger.Ballinger accused Roosevelt of using his power improperly by moving large tracts of public lands into reserve status.Interior employee Luis Galvis accused Ballinger and said that he had acted improperly by opening Alaskan coal fields to private mining interests.Galvis then looked to Pinchot for help. Everyone involved was later investigated and it was concluded that Ballinger 's actions were proper and that Pinchot would be dismissed for insubordination however Pinchot openly criticized Galvis and Taft indirectly he was fired immediately. Taft later hired Walter Fisher as the new secretary of interior. He also hired multiple justices of the supreme court such as Horace Harmon Lurton and Mahlon Pitney. Chief Diplomat: As chief Diplomat the president has the power to to make treaties, make executive agreements with foreign nations, and extend or withdraw diplomatic recognition to a nation. This job also requires you to have a foreign policy. Taft’s foreign policy was based on the concept of Dollar Diplomacy. Dollar Diplomacy was to ensure the financial stability of a
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