Chief Information Officer ( Cio )

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Chief Information Officer (CIO) The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has an imperative role in decision making and leadership capabilities, which include developing and implementing Information technology (IT). “The term CIO was introduced by Synnott and Gruber in 1981. Synnott defines CIO as the highest-ranking executives with primary responsibility for information management.” (Moghaddasi, & Sheikhtaheri, 2009) This includes a multitude of roles in improving the effectiveness in both administration and clinical processes. Peppard (2010) elaborates on CIO competencies such as leadership, which emphasize the influencing of key stakeholders as well as driving and developing their own leadership team. The visionary to advocate new technology and visioning new opportunities of both operational and strategic. CIO has the ability of strategic thinking while contributing to the holistic view of the business while encouraging relationship building by showing and expressing empathy. The CIO is also very diplomatic in collaborating with colleagues to build and effective personal network. The main focus on the CIO’s competencies are emphasized in IT services. Information technology (IT) has many roles within the health care industry. From the earliest use of computer usage in health care facilities (1960s), IT has been around to keep up the integrity of the system and reduce the lagging of the systems. This has continued to help with improvements with Electronic Health Records (EHR)…
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