Chief Navy Recruiting Process: A Case Study

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Duties: Responsible for the following support services at NRD Raleigh, including but not limited to, assisting Navy Recruiting District Raleigh in the recruitment of highly qualified applicants to apply for the United States Navy Commission. In the process, pprovided administrative support services to over 250 applicants pursuing a Commission Officer designation in the United States by undergoing medical processing through the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) by submitting their medical examination records to Chief Navy Recruiting Command to Medical Department for final determination of applicants medical qualification status. In the process, I reviewed 100 prior service members applicants disability documentation to determine…show more content…
Performed initial screening of prior active duty service members at onset of MEPS in order receive recommendation in order to collect, record and verify information and briefly explain the MEPS process regarding the applicable rules, regulations, procedures, and requirements of the MEPS by ensuring all applicants were process for their medical examinations and once the final results of the MEPS physical and consultations are complete (including blood work), those results will be sent to N33 for review. N33 will then make a recommendation to the Admiral (usually within 3-5 days depending on backload) resulting in 100% of all applicants met the requirements for an physical examination resulting in Navy Recruiting District Raleigh meet all required goal assignments assigned by Commander Navy Recruiting Command. I operated the Command Integrated Recruiting information Management Support (CIRIMS) database and the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to collect information on all personnel receiving medical waivers to prevent conditions that become aggravated while serving on active duty could in the long run be considered “service connected” which in turn could lead to future disability benefits. By restricting some known medical issues, such as the ones listed below, will ultimately save the taxpayer’s
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