Chief Seattle, No Dakota Access Pipeline Project

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Chief Seattle said, No Dakota Access Pipeline
Actually, Chief Seattle had no idea what is Dakota Access Pipeline. Chief Seattle died in 1866, and the Dakota Access Pipeline project is a recent year’s project. For sure, if Chief Seattle is here, he will against the pipeline. According to the Chief Seattle’s letter, Chief Seattle believed that the earth does not belong to someone and everyone shares the earth. Moreover, the pipeline has positive effects on transverse areas. Then, why Seattle would reject the pipeline project. We will know why if we investigate more deeply about DAPL project. The project has the potential to harm
In the article Dakota Access ' Commitment to Safety, Energy Transfer company, the owner of Dakota Access Pipeline project, claims that it will do its best to guarantee the safety of the pipeline. For sure, that is what Energy Transfer will do. However, how long will it do? What if Energy Transfer company is gone? Contract and treaty could be broken overnight. Business could fail at any time. But we will live on the earth from generation to generation. If the company closed down one day, who would guarantee our or later generation’s safety? There two examples of oil pipeline leak. “In September 2010, the rupture and explosion of a natural gas transmission pipeline in San Bruno, California, killed eight people and destroyed more than 38 homes, damaging many more. The pipeline was built in1956 (Burns and Hoang).” Also “in March 2013, in Mayflower,…

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