Chief Yagami!'s Emergency

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"Oh, it's nothing. My chest is really hurting. I feel pretty tired, too. I must just be getting sick," Yagami brushed off. I gave him a quick once over. He looked to have cold sweats. I didn't want to ignore it so easily. "Go take an aspirin. It's better to be safe than sorry. There should be some in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom," I instructed. "Alright," he surrendered with a sigh and stood up. He only took a few steps. I heard a pause before he fell on the middle of the floor. "Chief Yagami!" I shouted and jumped out of my chair, kneeling next to him. I ordered Watari as I took out my phone, "Call his wife. I'll call an ambulance. I'll inform Ryuzaki afterwards." I was waiting on hold. His chest was rising and falling, so I knew he hadn't went into respiratory arrest. I began searching for a pulse when a woman's voice came through, "What is your emergency?" "I am Hikari Kita, and I need an ambulance. A man is having a heart attack and has fallen unconscious. He's still breathing," I told her. I found the pulse and cursed. There was no heartbeat. I moved the phone between my cheek and shoulder. "I'm going to try to restart his heart now. Please, hurry." After telling her the address, I hung up. I pressed down on his breast bone over the heart twice. Nothing. I repeated the motion. Still nothing. Tears stung the corner of my eyes. The third time, his pulse finally came back. I let out a breath of relief. "Watari, please put him in the recovery

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