Child Abduction: Missing Without a Trace

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His laugh was loud, but loved many, his eyes were big and bright, but we cannot say the same about his future because he never got the chance. No one saw it coming, but it came, and if we could turn back the hands of time to work in Elis favor it would be handled with the snap of a finger. If only we were more caring, careful, cautious then maybe we could have saved a young life. Little Eli was abducted from his own home by a sick, twisted psychopath in the middle of the night and found in 3 different locations because his body parts were separated. Today we are gathered here to burry what is left of Eli Davis. Eli is not the only innocent child who has fell victim to one of these horrible abductions, there are a countless number of children who have suffered the same fate. With this being said, America should take action to expunge these horrid child abductions because they are killing our innocent children, traumatizing our loved ones, and killing our population/future. Child abduction is the unauthorized removal of a minor from the custody of the child's natural parents or legally appointed guardians. According to the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in the USA an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing every year. There are some families who are blessed because they are…
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