Child Abduction Persuasive Speech

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Child Abduction Many parents do everything in their power to protect their children from anything or anyone but sometimes that’s just not enough because seven to ten children will walk away with a stranger despite being told by a parent or any adult but with that being said it brings me to the topic of child abduction. The united states are known for the most child abductions in the world. In the united states estimated 800,000 children are reported missing there is only 97% that are found alive. Every 40 seconds a child will be abducted in the united states. The first three hours are the most critical. In 2001 840,279 children and adults were taking away from their families. About 85% of those were children. Children are the easiest to take…show more content…
She said “The next nine months, my days consisted of being hungry, of being bored to death because he talked nonstop always about himself”, She said “I mean, talk about self-absorbed. And then my days consisted of being raped. I mean, not once just once but, but multiple times a day.” (Elizabeth) Even though she was such a strong and smart girl her story came with some awful things. "Every time I thought 'OK, this is rock bottom,' I mean, my pajamas have been taken away from me and I'm being forced to wear this nasty robe, the next thing I knew they'd say, 'We're going to have you go naked now,' or I had been forced to drink alcohol, which I had never done before,"(Elizabeth) she told Cooper. "I would throw up and I would pass out and when I'd wake up I'd find that my face and my hair was just crusted to the ground in vomit. I mean, just every time I thought it couldn't get worse, something always happened."(Elizabeth) One day she woke up and decided that she was going to be a survivor and see her family again. So on March 12, 2002 she was rescued and reunited with her family. But with that being said not all children are abducted by pedophiles. More Common abductions are by family members. 150 children are abducted by a mom or dad every day. The incentive for family abduction are frequently caused by custody problems and divorce is an issue also. Normally it has a lot to do with getting back at…show more content…
In 2005 Joshua who is 35 and Sharyn 34 lost custody of their children after they were arrested after drug charges. After they were out from jail they went to the grandparents’ house who at that time had custody over the kids and tied the grandparents up and abused her and kidnaped the kids from them and fled the country on a boat to Cuba and that’s where they were found and took back to jail and took the kids back to the grandparents where they are now safe and sound. Next we have Polly Foundation who lost her kids one evening to the father who had no custody of them. For four years after that she searched for her children ever where by putting 30,000 flyers and placing their pictures all over the town. After all the searching she finally found her kids but that was not the end of the adventure the father had told them that their mom no longer wanted them and they had not seen any medical attention in over four years. The children and the mom will have a long journey ahead of them. Next is Elizabeth Fritzel was a was young girl who lived in a basement for 24years along with her two other brothers after her father kidnapped her and kept her down there. They had been down there so long they had figured out how to communicate with animal like sounds. After their family found out about what was going on they contacted the police and rescued them. Next We have the girl named Gene who spent all of 13 years locked in a very small room. She was born
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