Essay about Child Abduction in the United States

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Child Abduction in the United States

It is every parent's worst nightmare. It could occur in your front yard, in front

of the school, in your house, in a store, or anywhere. Just imagine you're in your

favorite department store not but a mile away from your home and you lose sight of your

child. You look down the aisles, have your child paged, and check out at your car all to

no avail. This is exactly what happened with Reve Walsh, mother of young Adam

Walsh. This is her account of what happened from the book, Tears of Rage, written by

John Walsh and posted on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Adam and his mother went to the store to shop for lamps. The store was
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Revé was positive that Adam

would not go out the west door. The toy department clerk said she had not seen Adam.

Revé started asking anyone she could find, but they all said the same things.

Oh, well, he probably just wandered off.

I'll bet he went looking for you.

Well you know how kids are, maybe he went off with the rest of the kids.

Revé kept insisting that her son did not wander off, and that something was

wrong. All around, clerks kept waiting on people as if nothing had happened. She asked a

clerk to page her son. "Adam Walsh, please meet your mother in the toy department."

Nothing. After going to her car twice to see if Adam had gone there and looking for him

on her own for two hours, someone finally called the police department.

The police later interviewed a security guard from the store who said that on the

day of Adam's disappearance, there had been four boys playing with the video game in

the toy department. They started causing a ruckus. She separated them and sent two boys

out the north entrance and two out the west entrance. If Adam had been put out the west

entrance, he would have been disoriented because he only knew the north entrance.

By the end of the first week, 150,000 fliers had been printed and 50,000 of them

distributed locally. Adam's photograph was on the poster. The photograph chosen had

just been taken the week before and

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