Child Abuse And Child Molestation

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Child abuse and child molestation are two very thoroughly discussed topics, especially in today 's society. Prevention of any kind is needed greatly, and needed as soon as possible. There are many and many prevention possibilities that could be done, the worst part about all of this is people are more selfish and don’t stand up for anything they intend to stand up for. Penalties that are given in a situation like this one should be, since the parents may think they have all the right in the world to do as they please then, they should get the same done to them. As of molestation, the parents or guardians should be sent straight to the death penalty, and should have to pay for what they have done. Someone in the arguing standpoint on this issue could completely disagree with everything that is said up above. There could be a parent or guardian that thinks the child ruined their life or the way this person was raised could affect this issue, so they are going to make the child pay for what they have done, when they could have prevented the issue that they started earlier on. The parent or guardian of the child also could have had thought that the child is a threat and will continue to be a threat, so they abuse them in ways as they please. A lot of people or adults know that this is wrong, but in their heads it 's all ok. The way child abuse or child molestation works is by having someone who truly is not mentally right in their head, or something has happened to them in
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