Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children

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Child abuse is any sexual, physical or psychological mistreatment of a child. child abuse as any act or series of acts of omission or commission instituted by a parent or caregiver that directly results in harm or a threat of harm to the child in question. Child abuse can occur in a child 's home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with Child neglect is the failure, by a parent, guardian or caretaker, either intentionally or through negligence or inability, to take actions necessary to give a young child with minimally sufficient food, clothes, shelter, medical care, oversight, mental stability and increase, or other vital attention. Physical maltreatment includes physical aggression directed at a…show more content…
Emotional Abuse is defined as words or behavior on the part of a parent/guardian/caretaker which create a damage to the mental well being, or intellectual or mental capacity of a young child. Psychological abuse can result in low self esteem in a young child, and make a lowering of the child 's ability to operate within a usual range of conduct and performance. case study The abuse consisted of the dad of Rob showing him images from Playboy magazine and masturbating him. Rob came to despise his dad who beat him and made fun of him as homosexual because he failed to get erections when considering Playboy while he was masturbated by his dad until his penis was sore. Scenario 2 Margaret was mistreated in toddlerhood by two other guys several times and by her dad one time each. Both guys were family friends. The next time she was mistreated,she was about six and the mistreatment included a guy who lived across the road from her rolling her hand around his dick and placing her hand on his erect dick through his trousers pocket. She was scared to tell anyone. She was about twelve, when her breasts were fondled by another guy. She was embarrassed and too humiliated to share with him to tell anyone what he 'd done or to quit. He was just prevented by her, as she 'd prevented the guy who set her hand on his dick. She didn 't tell about these violent
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