Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children

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We live in a world where greatness happens each day, and without knowing even greater people surround us. Within our world we have different age groups. Today I will focus on the group that is our future, children. Every day a baby is born and begins their journey of learning to adjust to the world. From the beginning of the life of these newborns, parents that help them grow into the world we know of today that will chew you up and spit you out if you are not ready for the things it will throw at you. Crimes against children happen every day around us and we only catch about twenty-eight percent of crimes against children are reported to police (Crimes Against Children Research Children). The things we do not want to acknowledge happen to children are occurring simply, because of cruel minds and neglectful parents or adults around them. I will take you on a journey of things that occur as a child in a society where children are not living life, from child abuse going too far, to the psychosocial consequences children go through after going through such abuse, statistical data of violence caused to children, and sexual abuse against children. In the film Matilda Ms. Trunchbull is known to say,” Spare the rod, Beat the child.” Now in movie terms this was used to reveal the awfulness of her character and that was be great, because the director was trying to give the audience a sneak peeks of the things that are occurring in some peoples households, things that most people…
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