Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children

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Many grandparents are happy to take care of grandkids in their parents’ absence, but with this responsibility comes added stress, possible negative physical and mental consequences, financial stress, and unanticipated legal issues. The number of these households has been on the rise in the recent decades and none for positive reasons. On an optimistic note, there is also the richness and complexities of the experiences of grandparents raising their grandchildren, the positive aspects of feeling love, pride in responsibility, and feelings of having value and purpose in old age. Skipped generation households, households where the parent is absent and it is just the grandparent and grandchild, are becoming more prevalent in our society. Unfortunately, none of the reasons are positive. Nancy Hooyman (2014) cites this new form of household is because the parents are unable or unwilling to care for their children for a variety of reasons including, substance abuse, incarceration, child abuse, or military deployment. Currently there are over six million grandparents caring for grandchildren under the age of 18 (Hooyman, Kawamoto, & Kiyak, 2014). Glass and Huneycutt (2002) go on to elaborate with reasons of teen pregnancy, AIDS, divorce, mental and physical illness, and crime. African American children are more likely to live with their grandparents than any other race in the US and this is in relation to historically high rates of poverty and single parenting (Baker, Silverstein,
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