Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children

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Child abuse has been around for over decades and has influenced our country to think that child abuse is okay. “Today every state has formal child abuse reporting laws”, stated Charles A Wilson and Donna M. Pence in their article, “Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse” (71). With every state having a law for child abuse, this could help decrease the amount of cases that deal with child abuse. Charles A Wilson explains the laws in his article, “Reporting laws are based on the premise that certain professionals have both unique opportunities to discover child abuse and the responsibility to ensure that protective services are notified” (71). These types of laws are responsible for notifying the services that help people with child abuse. Although these laws exist, people still manage to commit the same mistake. Do people consider children a toy? If they do, why don’t they consider themselves a toy too? Although some people think that child abuse is acceptable; there is no way I would stand on the side of such a malicious hate crime.
Some people do not oppose child abuse, and that is because they are the ones that mistreat children. Richard J Gelles mentions, “Without a doubt, the single most persistent myth which encumbers under- standing child abuse is the notion that someone who physically beats or injures a child is somehow mentally disturbed or ill” (138). Mentally or ill people are often not on their right minds. This kind of people manages to do things without…
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