Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Child abuse is becoming an epidemic in the United States of America and the numbers are growing yearly. The correct definition of child abuse is when a parent or caregiver causes harm, injury, death, emotional harm, etc. It also stated that child abuse can occur when a parent or caregiver does not do anything about the harm being caused to them. Physical abuse is a form of child abuse that causes physical harm to a child, such as, hitting, kicking, pinching, etc. Sexual abuse is another form of child abuse, which is when an adult uses a child in a sexual way or in sexual actions. Emotional abuse, is when a parent or caregiver begins to negatively affect a child’s emotional state and or development socially. The last form of child abuse is neglect. Child neglect is when a parent or caregiver is not providing the child with care, support, etc. Each form of child abuse can affect a child in many ways and can also cause issues for the child in their adult life (childhelp). Due to child abuse becoming such an epidemic there are now many organizations, legislation, and support for children and families experiencing this traumatic event.
What is the cause of this issue?
It has been found that many believe that parents who abuse their children have severe mental illness. However, that is not the case at all, but is has been found that there are variety of things that affect a family and parents, which possibly result in child abuse. It has been found that some

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