Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Abuse is an issue that has been and is still currently prevalent in our society today. Abuse is defined as, “the use of force in order to try to dominate a child, to compel him/her to do dangerous things that he/she does not want to do, expose him/her to hazardous situations perceive by him/her as dangerous” (Rus & Galabeaza, 2013). Child abuse in particular, is a common issue that occurs in families of all backgrounds. There are several types of abuse, which include: physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. When it comes to impact abuse can have on children, it was stated that, “abused children suffer from anxiety and depression more frequently than other children and often show a very low level of self-esteem (Rus & Galabeaza, 2013).
Physical abuse is considered to occur, “when a child undergoes or presents with a serious risk of being subjected to physical violence or when he or she is faced with unreasonable disciplinal methods” (Fontaine & Nolin, 2012). “Since physical abuse is a violent action, it is often believed that its effects are easier to detect” (Fontaine & Nolin, 2012). This particular article also compared physical abuse to neglect. The article stated that, “Neglect is defined as a lack of action or attention, and is the most common form of child maltreatment” (Fontaine & Nolin, 2012). Another article defined physical abuse as, “the use of physical force against children and subjecting them to hard work that exceed their capabilities, actions that result in
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