Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

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In the real world, it is hard to help stop child abuse and neglect. Child abuse and neglect remain serious and global problems. This can happened anytime anywhere quickly. Further, it is a challenge for us to stop this. Because of my interest in the Medical nursing field, I am especially curious about the Child abuse epidemic in the United States and other country. For past decade, lots of kids suffered from child abuses or harsh punishment. These is not only in the United States but it’s happened around the world. In a recent year, medical association, health & medicine, and medical science show the problems of children, abuses have been growing in the United States and other country. Abuses can cause a mental disorder for everyone. Researcher used “contemporary, nationally representative data to test the prevalence types of child abuse and their association with mental conditions, including suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.” In a period of time most people agree that this issue deserve attention, and find out how to respond to the problem. Introduction I chose discipline of nursing because I am interesting becoming a children nurse in the future. In this field, different type of work will required such as provides care for children and young people under age of 18, working with doctors to assess the needs of ill, injured or disabled children, checking temperatures measuring blood pressure and breathing rates helping doctors with physical examinations giving
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