Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Child abuse has long been an ongoing social problem; this abuse has been one of the repeatedly difficult accusations to prove in our criminal justice system. Child abuse causes many years of suffering for victims. Children abused suffer from chemical imbalances, behavioral issues and are at high risk for becoming abusers or being abused in adult relationships. This cycle of learned behavior and suffering will be a hopeless reoccurring problem unless the criminal justice system and protocols for abusers to undergo reform. Penalties for child abuse are less severe than those given to victims of lesser crimes. Children’s testimonies usually do not hold up in a court of law. The types of abuse are psychological, physical, and sexual. Trauma of this nature will affect abused child for their entire existence. Focus needs to be on the types of abuse the children suffer, the outcome of the abuse, and solutions to repair the unspeakable act of violence. Child abuse comes in many variations, categorized as physical, emotional, and sexual. While each is connected, they have differently distinct characteristics. Physical abuse “typically occurs when a frustrated parent or caregiver strikes, shakes, or throws a child out of anger. Physical injuries resulting from child abuse can range from bruises, burns, and lacerations, to head injuries, broken bones, broken teeth, and damage to internal organs. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, internal or external bleeding, impaired mobility,…
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