Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Child Abuse

One million children in forty- eight states were victims of substantiated child abuse and neglect in 1994 (Child - Abuse Prevention 1). Out of all the abuse allegations in 2000 only 879,000 cases were able to be proved. Which approximately 1200 children died as a result of child abuse or neglect and forty-four percent of these were younger than one years old. Defenseless children are severely abused constantly every year across the United States, leaving life -long negative effects on their futures. By educating our youth about the impact their words and physical abuse can cause someone, our future generations will have an understanding of why they should handle their aggression.

Child abuse can be found almost
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When a family has a low income it can

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result in stress and anger. In the article “Child Abuse and Neglect” it states, “The relationship between poverty and abuse is strong; the vast majority of fatalities involve parents and caretakers from the poorest families” (2). Another type of abusive parents are the ones who were abused as children as well. Studies show that those who were abused as a child are more likely to abuse their children.

Although most people will want to report child abuse there are some who do not. The majority of the time these people think that if they call it in, the children inside the house will be put into foster care and the siblings will get split up, which has been known to happen. They also believe that if the parents find out somehow that they were the ones that called in, it could put their lives in danger and so they will not call. This led to many states establishing units specifically to help keep families together and to secure therapeutic and support services in their child welfare system (Child Abuse and Neglect 3). With these state laws, not as many children are separated from their siblings. Also as long as no one tells on themselves to other members of the community the abusers should never find out it was them who reported the abuse. Other solutions may include classes for young mothers or reaching out to new parents. Classes for young mothers can prevent child abuse but those mothers, if they are over
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