Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Child abuse is a prominent problem in the United States affecting more than three million children every year. While killing an average of 4 to7 children every day, and about 70% of these children are under the age of two (Child Abuse Statistics & Facts, 2015). Even though there are many organizations along with government systems to help these children many still do not get the help they need. Leaving these children to suffer in poor home situations or far worse. By knowing the history of child abuse, the laws put in place to protect children, and how to prevent abuse from occurring. We as a nation can bring awareness to child abuse and protect our future generations from a problem that has already claimed too many. In 1873 the first child abuse case was discovered, when Etta Wheeler a mission worker was asked by other neighbors to check on a young girl by the name of Mary Ellen Wilson (Wheeler, 2015). The child was found living inadequate conditions as well as being severely disfigured from years of abuse. After seeing the child, Etta Wheeler began to make efforts to try and remove Wilson from her home situation. However during this time many states did not want to get involved with family matters and there were few laws to protect children. So she sought help from Henry Bergh, president and founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Wheeler, 2015). With his help and others willing to testify they were able to get
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