Child Abuse And Its Effects On Society

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Child Abuse. How does one decide what constitutes abuse? Is there a thin line between abuse and discipline? We often hear the horrific stories of child abuse in our communities, but are we as a society so used to hearing these stories that we have become desensitized to them?
Child abuse is a prevalent thing in communities and often time the victims are suffering in silence. We, as a society, have a bad habit of “turning our heads the other way” or “not wanting to get involved.” The mentality of “it’s none of our business” is an extremely dangerous mind set to have. It is time for America to step up and start helping the ones that are not able to fight for themselves. The children of our country. There are generally three types of abuse. They include psychological, sexual, and physical abuse. Child abuse can be described in many different ways. Some people will describe abuse as spanking a child. While others think that abuse only happens when someone uses an instrument to beat a child or inflicts such violence on a child that they end up dying. These are two very different ends of the spectrum. Child abuse is much more than the physical abuse we are often exposed to by the media.
Physical abuse is how the State of Kansas defines child abuse. Child abuse as defined in the Kansas Statute Book says this: 21-5602 Abuse of a Child
(a) Abuse of a child is knowingly:
(1) Torturing, cruelly beating or shaking any child under the age of 18 years which results in great bodily…
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