Child Abuse And Neglect Experiences

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Summary of Plot There are a variety of films that entail child abuse and neglect experiences. The film “Precious” is a great example of someone experiencing abuse and neglect. It focuses on the life of an African American female named Precious whose life involves various types of abuse. Precious is a young, overweight, African American female living with her abusive mother who does nothing but watch television and collect welfare through fraud. Precious is also a young teen mother to two children who were conceived through rape by her biological father. Due to being sexually abused by her biological father, Precious’ mother resented her and blamed for the sexual abuse, which resulted in her becoming physically and verbally abusive towards Precious. She has never had a support system aside from her mother, who has lived to belittle and abuse her. Precious is an illiterate sixteen-year-old who had difficulties in school, thus resulting in her being referred to attend an alternative school. However, her mother believed that having an education was not important and wanted Precious to focus on collecting welfare in order to bring more money into their home. Due to the various types of abuse she had experienced, Precious had an extremely low self-esteem. However, while attending the alternative school she began gaining some confidence and believing in herself and thinking about her future plans in order to have a better life for herself and her two children. Throughout the…

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