Child Abuse And Neglect Have A Tremendous Effect On Children

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Child Abuse
Liberty University
Psychology 317
Angelia Anderson

Child abuse and neglect have a tremendous effect on children. Abuse and neglect cause physical, emotional, social, and psychological harm to children that can last a lifetime. In this paper I will explain the different kinds of child abuse and neglect and the effects that they have on children, leaving children and families in crisis situations.

According to the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention Research (2005), it is estimated that in 2002 alone there were about 1.8 million referrals alleging child abuse or neglect that were accepted by state and local protective services agencies for assessment (Kanel, 2015). These assessments include over three million children of which, “approximately 896,000 children were determined to be victims of child abuse of neglect by the child protective agencies” (Kanel, Pg.
211; 2015). Children that are in families with substance abuse issues are three times more likely to suffer from abuse than children that are not. Children that are in families that have single parents, whose parents were abused as children, or are considered low income are also at a higher risk factor for being neglected or abused.

“In its 2001 report, NCANDS indicated that in 2001 1.81 children per 100,000 in the population died as a result of abuse or neglect. The report also showed that”:
• “Children under the age of one were most
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