Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children Essay

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“There were 3.5 million reports of child maltreatment in the United States involving more than six million children” (Children’s Rights, 2014). In this paper, I will be talking about the various aspects of child abuse and neglect. A report of child abuse and neglect happens every ten seconds here in the United States. I thought about this idea for my paper because I have seen somebody in my family who suffered child abuse. I also thought about it because I used to work at a gymnastics center and you never know what is going on in each family. I find this topic interesting because there are so many reports of child abuse yet it is not heard about as much in the news. Child abuse and neglect advocacy groups are not put out there enough in my opinion. The demographic information in this paper looks at data about child abuse and neglect by doing an in-home interview with a sample of 198 mothers from a low-income, female-headed family that enrolled in child protective services in Baltimore, Maryland. They had an equal number of matched controls with no history of abuse in which the team determined whether or not unplanned childbearing and family size increases the risk of child abuse and neglect. Finish this introduction.
Child abuse and neglect used to be overlooked by medicine and society and now it is slowly making its way to the public eye and some cases of child abuse and neglect are shown in the news media. “Child maltreatment is intentional harm or threat of harm

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