Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children Essay

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Child Abuse and Neglect
Tracy Vargas
Arizona State University

Child Abuse and Neglect
In 2002 child protective service (CPS) agencies investigated more than 2.6 million reports of alleged child abuse and neglect (Harder, 2005, p. 1). The topic I have selected for this paper is child abuse and neglect. In this paper I will provide information of the findings for four different articles, I will include results provided by each article, finding similarities or dissimilarities. The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that child abuse and neglect is affecting many families and how there are ways of either preventing and/or recognizing child abuse and neglect by reviewing evidence which propose ways to prevent child abuse and neglect with home visitations, being informed and recognizing child abuse and neglect can help those children who are being abuse and neglected, and the importance of prevention and being able to recognize child abuse and neglect.
Preventing child abuse and neglect with home visiting have had some great outcomes. There is evidence provided by Chaiyachati & Leventhal (2015) providing information about in home visitations. Home visitations in the prenatal period and the first few years of a child’s life has become the way of providing intervention in order to prevent child abuse and neglect. The main goal of home visitations is to improve children’s well-being by providing a curriculum encouraging positive parenting, supplying
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